Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maybelline the Falsies Volum Express mascara review

Mascara is one of my favourite beauty products to own. I naturally have long lashes and love applying mascara to give me long, black volumised lashes. I usually stick to a mascara once I find one that I love but when I saw the Maybelline Falsies mascara on sale I had to get it to try.

The name behind the mascara 'Falsies' implies that your lashes will look like false lashes. I don't wear false lashes so I can't compare them to false lashes as such, nevertheless I was curious to give this a try.

The packaging is attractive a hot pink bottle with light blue writing on it - very enticing!

It comes with a flexible curved wand which I like as it makes applying mascara easier when applying with a curved wand. You need to start applying the product from the root of your lashes and work up.

The texture of the product is wet so its easy to apply over and over, but you need to be quick as it does dry pretty quickly too. I usually use two coats of this mascara, if I use anymore it can get clumpy.

I had to use this mascara a few times to really get how to use it. It gives me long, black, curved lashes which look great. I don't feel it gives as much volume as I'd like but it does make my lashes stand out and they do look great.

If your after a mascara that will give you long curved lashes this would be great to try, however do give it a few try's as it does take a while to get use to it. The Mayelline Falsies Volum Express mascara retails for $19aud from department stores or supermarkets.

Have you tried this mascara? What mascara do you use at the moment?


Mei Mei said...

I love this mascara I just wish it wasn't so wet ;-)

Blackmentos said...

Your lashes look lovely! I love the packaging! This maybelline mascara is a favorite of mine. It's in yellow tube here and is called 'magnum'. To build up volume I comb with the wider flatter side then use the longer bristles on either side of the wand to separate and add length and extra volume. Hope I could help=]

Marusya V said...

Great review! Your lashes look great and... what a gorgeous blue eyes you have!

Hunter87 said...

I love this mascara!!

Vintage Makeup said...

your lashes look great!

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