Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you light a candle? Yankee candles review

I absolutely love candles! I find them relaxing and calming. Recently I was invited to a Yankee Candles event that I couldn't attend as it was in a different state, so I was sent some Yankee candles to try from the Aromatherapy Spa range. I have never heard of Yankee candles before, they debuted in Australia last year. Yankee candles are made with fragrance extracts and real essential oils.

The first one I got is the Relax, lotus flower and sea salt scent which is sea-inspired with light floral notes, the scent evokes feelings of peace, tranquility, and balance. 

The second one is the True bliss, sage and white tea scent which create a blissful formula that clears away anxieties and lifts the spirits.

These candles are definitely a winner in the scent department! They are absolutely gorgeous and have a beautiful scent that fills the room. They are also very long lasting over forty hours which is great as I usually have a candle on every night so something that lasts really long is definitely needed.

Yankee candles have a huge range of candles and fantastic scents too. I often think of what type of scents I would love to smell in a candle.

Now that Yankee candles are in Australia ( available online or at selected retailers) they may be able to make the perfect Australian candle. What do you think would be a perfect Australian scent? I think maybe coconut, honey or the smell of spring.

What do you think would make the perfect candle scent for you?


Hunter87 said...

I love YC I have like 12 jars!!

Mrs. All Things Leisure said...

I love scented candles, they are so relaxing and make any place look beautiful. Pacifica candles are great too!

jax said...

my mother is obsessed with yankee candles... personally i like the bath and body works ones better, but they discontinued them. our house is always filled with candles even on these hot summer days.
good review!

Ling said...

I'm not a fan of candles because I'm scared of fire hazards etc...but I guess I'd like a green tea scent ;)

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

Ive got some candles but never get around to burning them. I really sound get into it more!

Marusya V said...

I love candles.. currently purchasing from Dusk. Lavender is my fav of the moment :) very relaxing! Helps someone to fall asleep;)
My kindest,

Rita said...

I love your blog


V said...

Aww I want to try the Relax LOtus candle now. I don't think they sell these versions in the UK though =C x

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