Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't take life for granted

Life is something I am really passionate about. I cherish my life, I thank god every morning that I am alive and I love living my life. My life is not perfect, there are many ups and downs but I am really happy to be able to live my life.

Watching the news hearing about accidents due to reckless driving or suicide bombers or murders or abuse the list goes on, makes me think 'how is it that people don't appreciate life?'.

Life is so precious. You are born into this world to have a chance at living the best possible life available to you. No its not easy, but there is always hope. We can make the choices in our lives to get the most out of life.

Don't take life for granted.

Even in the toughest times there is a brighter way. There is help you can get from family, friends, proffessionals - someone who can motivate, inspire and give you positive affirmations.

Life can be taken away from us so quickly. Enjoy every moment. Don't worry about little things in life as things will sort themselves out, think smartly.

Say I love you to your loved ones everyday. Enjoy your children and praise them everyday, tell them you love them and spend time with them.

No matter what you do in your life, enjoy it. Every walk you take, every shopping experience you have, every holiday.....treasure the moments.

Life is unpredictable in that one day everything could be perfect and the next day could be the worst ever. Whether its a financial problem, work problem, health problem whatever it may be it can crush your dreams and goals.

So don't take life for granted, cherish every moment, life is precious.

What would you say to someone that is having a hard time at the moment?

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Sarah said...

so very true! x

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