Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eight things I am enjoying at the moment

It is always great to reflect on what you are enjoying at the moment. Life goes by so fast that sometimes we forget to stop and think what are we enjoying? So I have put together a list of eight things that I am enjoying.

1. Flowers - love flowers, I usually buy myself some every week.

2. Jewellery  - I love shopping for jewellery - you can pick up some great pieces for a few dollars and they will compliment any outfit.

3. Nailpolish- I love nailpolish and usually will change my nail colour every week. It makes my hands look very feminine and classy ( if you know what I mean!)

4. Lipstick - I love being able to apply some lipstick in the morning, it makes me feel brighter and happier knowing that I have some colour on my face.

5. Stationary - I love all types of stationary, pens, notepads, diaries - anything I love collecting and using stationary.

6. Leather gloves - It has been freezing here, with winter in full swing - so I bought myself some leather gloves and love them.

7. Parks/Walks - my kids love going to the park, so lately I've been taking them lots and I really enjoy it too. Love the outdoors, fresh air and exercise.

8. Photo collage - Lately I have been really into making collages. I have been finding some old photos that I have been able to turn into a collage and also magazine collages. Before throwing out magazines I go through them and find interesting/inspirational pictures and turn them into collages.

What are you enjoying at the moment?


Hunter87 said...

For me it would be my daugther shes 2.Thankyou for sharing!

Lily said...

a good selection their dannii!

I've never been into nail polish but I've been obsessed with painting my toe nails because I wear a lot of peeptoe flats. I'm also enjoying the sun and looking forward to warmer weather :)

Y said...

I'm enjoying this post actually :)

pammy said...

Those all sound like wonderful things.right now i'm mostly just enjoying my family and especially my kids before school starts.
BTW thanks so much for visiting my blog and following and thanks again for the fantastic giveaway.i still can't believe i won :)

Eloise said...

all of the above! although I think I definitely need to buy myself more flowers :) I am a lipstick and stationery fan too hehehe and I love buying clothes but Im doing a "30 items for 30 days fashion challenge at the moment and Im not allowed to buy anything which is just about killing me!

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