Monday, August 1, 2011

How to avoid getting a cold in winter? Blackmores Giveaway- (CLOSED)

Winter is my favourite season, love to rug up in my scarves, boots and beanies to keep warm. I enjoy sitting in front of the heater sipping on my hot chocolate......mmmmm nice and warm.

But one thing I don't like is getting a cold or flu. I think you would all agree that no one wants to get sick - but it does happen. In our household its usually a ripple effect, the kids get a cold, then I catch it off them, then hubby and it's gone around the whole family.

I have always been diligent about taking my Blackmores Womens Vitality multivitamin everyday along with a few other vitamins that I need to take for my wellbeing.

But this winter no matter how much I tried, I got the cold. I drank a whole packet of Camomile tea with honey and lemon and I went through two packets of Soother lozenges to help get over my cold.

In winter I do try to enhance my immune system by:

1. Keeping warm - always dress warmly when going outside
2. Drink warm water/drinks - to keep my body warm
3. Wash hands - especially before eating
4. Disinfectant spray - for around the house to keep those germs away

However this winter, I needed something more to enhance my immune system. Something like Blackmores Cold & Flu Day Night or Blackmores ImmunoDefence would be excellent to help keep a cold away.

So I have started taking the Blackmores ImmunoDefence straight away to support my immune system to help keep colds and flu away. I already feel stronger physically, so hopefully no more colds for me this winter!


I have ONE Blackmores pack valued at over $60 to giveaway to one lovely reader.

The pack contains one packet of Blackmores Cold and Flu Day Night and one packet of Blackmores ImmunoDefence along with some markers and masks.
For your chance to win this pack, leave me a comment below and tell me do you do anything to prevent a cold/flu?

Terms and conditions:

Open to Australian residents only.

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This giveaway finishes 22nd of August 2011 at 10pm. (aest)

Please ensure that I can contact you by email, if you are the winner.

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Joni Llanora said...

I hate colds too and is one of the reasons I don't look forward to winter. It was nice to meet you at the lunch last week. So envious of you winning that shiatsu massager!

DanniiBeauty said...

@Joni Llanora - It was lovely to meet you too. The Shiatsu massager is excellent! x

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

I drink more orange juice (vitamin C) and make sure I keep my socks on!
I'm a GFC follower (Di from Max The Unicorn).
I already like your Facebook page :)
I tweeted the giveaway here

djchilds (at) hot mail {dot} com

fairliekid said...

When people have colds around me I leave a cut onion on a plate. It is supposer to absorb the germs. So far its worked

Ling said...

I got the flu jab! But my husband didnt!
GFC : Ling
Liked your FB already
And RT'd your giveaway tweet :D

Ling said...

my email is[at] btw ;)
And @xyling for twitter and TheBestBeautyBlog on FB
thanks lovely

jaz said...

I like to wear warm clothes and always wash my hands

bardie said...

I like to exercise daily :)

TJ30 said...

I take echinacea everyday for hay fever, and I haven't had the flu for 3 years.
I spray Glen 20 around the office and at home if anyone looks like sniffling.

Melanie said...

I make sure my family gets lots of Vit C, garlic and ginger in their diet. I wash my hands frequently, as hand to face contact is a major cause of cold/flu.

Silja said...

I eat lots of garlic and drink tea with honey

Karen.E said...

When I remember I take a vitamin C tablet. Have Tweeted and already a follower on Facebook

operationhotmother said...

Good diet and general healthy living we are all hardly ever sick.

Kirsty said...

We take a daily pollen and propolis tablets along with drinking aloe wiith our juice every morning and its helped us not get sick!

A Keeper said...

I've been exercising 5 days a week, eating better and drinking a lemon juice 'toddy' every morning and this would have to be the best winter I've had so far. Touch wood, hoping I haven't jinxed myself ;)

Already a follower on GF and FB :)

Ben said...

I take Olive Leaf Extract as soon as I get a tickle in my throat or hint of a cold. You still feel like you are fighting something off but you don't get sick.

jess said...


Pam said...

Echinacea; wash hands thoroughly; eat very healthily. Thanks for the opportunity :)

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

During winter I try to keep up my fruit and vegetable intake, so my immune system and body will be strong enough to fight off coughs and colds. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I think I'd be sicker without it!

kate1485 at

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

kate1485 at

Jasmine1485 said...

I tweeted about it here:!/NTFancy/status/100197736191762432

kate1485 at

Liz said...

I start eating more oranges and mandarins to step up my vitamin C - and also make sure I get lots of sleep to help keep my immune system to top condition!

silvanagu said...

more tea with lemon, kiwi fruit, some garlic and lots of onions daily.

silvanagu said...

just tried the facebook page and said
Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.

DanniiBeauty said...

@silvanagu - Thanks for trying the facebook page - it was done for a while. I've tried it this morning and it works - if you want to try again.

beingbree said...

I try to eat a wide variety of brightly coloured fruits and veggies, drink plenty of water and get rest.

chiy9u said...

I generally eat alot of garlic (garlic bread, add in soups etc...) and eat alot of citris to keep my immune system up. I try to drink orange juice, or eat seasonal food such as mandarins. I am a germophobe so I do keep away from public places, or eating in public to keep away from the germs. And if thats not enough, the medicine cabinet generally is stocked on cold medicine just in case- I cant make it out of the house when that cold hits!

Brayds said...

Leave an onion in your room why you sleep, on your side table.
No cold or flu for me for 5 years.

BeX said...

I keep my little SQUIRTS warm, keep them WINTERactive with exercise, lots of vitamins so they feel JUICE GRAPE and ensure they make CLEAN getaways!

+ Tweeted

+ Liked on facebook

cactus said...

Plenty of fresh air, good hygiene and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Dennis McAninly Mildura

Kylie said...

I always wear a scarf and take a healthy dose of vitamin c each day

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