Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tips on how to look after your hands

Lately I have been really keen on looking after my hands. Just as we look after our face, our hands are important too. Hands are also one area where the earliest signs of aging will show. The skin on the back of our hands is really delicate and thin therefore needing extra care.

So I have been doing a few things to keep my hands feeling soft and smooth.

1. When applying my sunscreen on my face and body I also apply some to the back of my hand. I always keep sunscreen in my car so that I can apply some before I start driving as the sun can affect your hands even when driving.

2. When I wash the dishes ( or clean aronund house with water) I always wear gloves to protect my hands from detergents.

3. Use mild/gentle soap when washing your hands.

4. In the shower about two times a week, I use a gentle exfoliant ( same as what I use on my face) on the back of my hand to remove any dead skin cells. ( you can make your own exfoliant by mixing sea salt and lemon juice)

5. I moisturise my hands to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised. (you can use hand cream too)

6. Every few weeks I will soak my hands in warm olive oil for a few minutes and then wrap them in plastic glad wrap for a few more minutes to get smooth skin.

Do you look after your hands? Do you have any tips on how to look after your hands?


Haute_Style said...

OMG! You REALLY look after your hands! I need to do some of this ASAP... I wear gloves all day so they really get battered around!

LOVE the Olive Oil idea!

DanniiBeauty said...

@Haute_Style - They are really simple things to do. The olive oil works wonders, there are some great you tube videos where you can see how it's done. Love it!

BlogGirl said...

thanks for the tips! I actually don't have smooth hands, I don't know why maybe because I stay all day in front of my pc and then wash my hands. :/

Y said...

I moisturize, but I had never thought of the sunscreen tip, thank you very very much my dear.

Vintage Makeup said...

The olive oil is a great tip! My hands tend to get really dry, this is so helpful! :)

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