Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedges - my shoe shopping wishlist!

I love comfortable shoes, yes I like heels but I can't seem to wear them for long before my feet start to get sore. I am not a very tall person in fact I am quite short so a bit of height is definitely to my advantage when it comes to shoes.

My latest shoe obsession is wedges! I have tried on a few pairs in stores and love them. They feel comfortable and give me some height - perfect.

So here is a wishlist of the wedges I like - I have so many that I can't make up my mind on which ones to get. I have been looking at Westfields online shopping site and this is what I have found.

These wedges I like for their elegant look, they are from Tony Bianco from Wanted shoes  $149.95aud
These wedges I like for everyday wear (preferrable in a black) as they aren't too high, they are from Midas $148aud

These wedges I like for a dressier outfit, they are from Novo priced at $79.95aud

These are just a few that I have my eye on, I might do some more wishlist shopping before I find the right pair and buy them!

Have you tried or bought any wedge shoes? Do you prefer them over heels?


Ashii said...

I really like all of these!! I've been wanting one like the first pair foreveer, & I think ones with peep toes are really cute too.

Saumya said...

love the second one and love the color too ..

Blackmentos said...

Love the wedge heels to death! But those would be a bit steep in my pocket! I'm sticking to flats, sandals and flip flops...although I did but too wedge heels this summer!

They win over traditional heels that aren't definitely can get more comfort and mileage out of wedges if they don't rub and cut!

Rin said...

Wedges are so in this year... I have yet to purchase my first pair (since they were last in fashion in 1998 lol). They are so much more comfy than a regular heel and I never used to like the look of them, but now I've been seeing them everywhere and they have grown on me. I need a pair!

Oh, and this post has inspired me to blog about a pair of shoes I recently feel in love with on the weekend... I want it but it's too expensive right now. Oh how my heart aches just thinking about it, haha!

Great blog, btw :-)

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