Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why should I take vitamins?

I always try to eat a healthy well balanced diet (although I am not a vegetables person!), but that is not always possible. Sometimes just being too busy and not having enough time means I don't always get a healthy balanced diet everyday. So I have always taken vitamins for years now, to ensure that I am not deficient in anything.

My essentials that I take daily are a multivitamin and fish oil supplements. Depending on what else is going on with my body I will look at other supplements, for example if I feel I am tired all the time and have no energy I will take a Vitamin B supplement.

Blackmores is a brand that I trust and use for many of my vitamins. I usually buy my vitamins from supermarkets or priceline and wait for the sales to stock up on what I need.

I always take a multivitamin everyday to ensure that I have the daily vitamins and minerals I need for the day. The Blackmores Women's Vitality Multi is great as it has vitamins that are tailored for womens needs. I also buy the Blackmores Men's Performance Multi for my husband and he likes it too.

Recently I have been using the Women's De-Stress which I like as it helps to support the nervous system particularly in times of stress. Who isn't stressed these days?! So it's great to give your body extra support when dealing with exhaustion and stress.
A few weeks ago I woke up with a sore throat and knew I was starting to get a cold. So I started that day to use the Cold and Flu Day/Night I took one tablet three times during the day and one at night. These work instantly by the end of the first day I could feel my body trying to fight off the cold. After a few days I felt better and never got a cold. Excellent result!

These are what I have used recently and would recommend.

I am currently trialling the Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin tablets - will let you know once I've reached the twelve week mark my results, so far they are great.

When deciding on whether you need to take vitamins or supplements, everyone is different and have different needs. I do a lot of research when deciding what my body needs and what would work best for me. Always consult with your doctor if you are unsure .

Blackmores have a great online website with over 300,000 members, lots of great information and access to a naturopath that you can contact.

Do you take vitamins? Are there any vitamins that you would recommend that work for you?


Rebekah said...

I love Blackmores too. I also take the Womens multi and recently added the D Stress too. So far so good. I also use a liver tonic every day and fish oils and glucosamine for my back.

Y said...

I take Omega 3 fatty acids & Vit D!

Vintage Makeup said...

I don't take vitamins! I really should though. :)

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