Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion Talk: It's all about colour

I love colour! Colour can really liven up a outfit or add some style and class to your wardrobe. Spring fashion is here in Australia and it is all about colour, which I am super excited about.

Experimenting with colour can be so much fun! You can add a pop of colour to black pants and a black top with a pink jacket or a beige cardigan. Maxi dresses are gorgeous in colours paired with neutral colour shoes.

From Sussan

From Dotti
 Are you a colour person? Do you wear bright colours or do you stick to darker colours?


Vintage Makeup said...

I prefer neutrals, but I do love a pop of pink!

Anonymous said...

I always wear dark colours i really should try some bright colours...
I need more colour in my clothes i think lol

Marusya V said...

I am definitely a colour person. And its great to see Aussie brands picking up the trend. Yet from time to time I like going all black (especially when feeling sad) or black & white classic.

Kellie said...

Oh Dannii, I'm a bit boring when it comes to colour. I stick to pink. Yes, over half my wardrobe is pink. Or white. I wish I had a little more courage to try new colours, but I seem to always chicken out. I do love the Dotti photos (because, of course, there's a lot of pink!!). Hehe!

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