Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fashion Talk: Dresses - ASOS and IGIGI

I mostly wear dresses on special occasions like weddings, parties etc. But lately, I have made it a goal to update my wardrobe with some great versatile dresses, that I can wear during the day or at a more formal event. So it is dress shopping for me over the next few weeks.

With the release of ASOS online here in Australia, I checked it out and found some great dresses. The sizes range from a size 4-26. Affordable prices too!
I also discovered IGIGI that have some gorgeous and fashionable design dresses, sizes 12-32, and there are reviews that you can read about what people thought of the dresses. Excellent feature to have on a online shopping site.

There are so many great dresses, now I have to choose which one. I also haven't bought a dress from an online site before, just because I like to try it on before I buy. But I will soon and will let you know when I do!

Do you like dresses? Have you bought any from an online store?


DibDabs said...

try asos, they are amazing, thier sizing is close to shop sizing, and free returns if you dont like what you (which is vital for shopping online), whatever you do keep your eye on shipping prices xxx

PlanningQueen said...

I have heard so much about ASOS, but never given even seen the website. Off to check it out now!

B.M.M.O. Consulting said...

I've never bought dresses from IGIGI, but I think they are absolutely beautiful. I love dresses! I have bought several dresses from Macy's online and have never been disappointed. You should try Nordstrom, dress barn and torrid. I've gotten dresses from all three places. Good luck finding "the dress."

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