Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seven Tips: How to make your nail polish last longer?

I love wearing nailpolish and change my nail colour every week. There are some nail colours that don't even last two days before they start chipping. So I have been really interested in how to make my nailpolish last longer. Here are a few things I have found about nails and nailpolish:

1. Ensure your nails have been cleaned and all oils removed properly. Using a good nail polish remover to clean everything off your nails is important to create a clean nail base.

2.  Apply a base coat first. Base coats contain nutrients to help prevent breakage, splitting, peeling etc. It helps to protect your nail, prevent staining the nails and helps keep the nail polish on longer. Base coats should dry matte, sticky and fast.

3. Apply your nailpolish thinly, not thick. It's best to apply several layers of nailpolish thinly, for better results.

4. Apply a top coat. Top coats act as a barrier, prevent nail polish from chipping and give you a long lasting shine. If you have the time you can apply a top coat everyday so that the nailpolish lasts even longer. Top coats will dry shiny and dry slowly on the nail.

5. Try not to remove your nail polish more than once or twice a week, because it will dry out your nails.

6. You can store your nail polish in the refrigerator. It will last longer and can be easier to apply.

7. Wear gloves when cleaning or doing chores that involve water. Prolonged exposure to water can cause nail damage and can dry out your skin and nails. (Tips on how to look after your hands)

What works best for you to make your nailpolish last longer?


Y said...

yeah, gloves are definitely a must!

A Keeper said...

I agree, definitely gloves. I wear them for anything involving water now (except hand-washing and shower of course), and it makes a difference to your hands as well.

I've heard that tip about nail polish in the fridge, must actually try it though. I have a tendency to buy a new nail polish once a fortnight at least so I have a ton of them.

I find a quality nail base/top coat, and a cheaper nail polish is cool, but you can't skimp on the base/top coat. I'm trialling the insta-dry by Sally Hansen as I hate waiting for ages for my nails to dry whenever I apply a new colour, but I do think applying a new top coat every second day would help it to last longer. Would every day build up too much of a polish on your nails I wonder? Will have to give it a whirl!

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