Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You will love walking with Souls Massage Thongs

The one thing I love about summer is being able to wear thongs and go for long walks along the beach or park. To be able to do that, I need really comfortable thongs that won't hurt my feet and will feel comfortable.

So when I was sent the Soul Massage Thongs I was very excited. These thongs sound amazing and look very fashionable. They come in lots of different colours and sizes.  Soul Massage thongs mould to your feet and massage your feet as you walk. Amazing, love them!

Souls thongs say: The Souls footbed moulds to your feet as you walk and masseur bubbles act as pressure points to massage your feet and stimulate blood flow with every step. Souls are not only good for you but good for the environment. All Souls Massage Thongs are made from a combination of EVA foam and natural rubber, both recyclable products.

After trying these out I absolutely love them. The massage feeling you get from these thongs is really soft and relaxing on the foot, so it doesn't hurt but rather feels really nice and comfortable, exactly what I want from thongs.

As soon as I put them on the bubbles feel soft on my feet and after a few seconds my feet got use to them. I have been wearing these around the house and they feel great, especially when my feet get sore if I put these on it's just like getting a foot massage only easier. The soles of the thongs have great grip on them making them easier to walk in and less likely to slip over.

Soul Massage Thongs are made for men, women and children and come in lots of different colours and styles.

They are affordable at $17.95aud for adults and $14.95aud for children. They are available online at Souls Thongs check them out.

I highly recommend the Soul Massage Thongs, they are fantastic for everyone (hubby and my kids want them too!) and your feet will really love them!

Do you like wearing thongs? Do these massage thongs appeal to you?


BaublesBubblesBags said...

Sometimes it hurts when you wear something on your feet that is way too flat. But, these Soul Thongs look pretty comfy. Would love to try these!

Sarah said...

I would definitely try these. Sometimes after wearing thongs out all day, the bottom of my foot feels sore and burning. I bet this would fix that!

DanniiBeauty said...

@Sarah - I get that too! I have tried a few different thongs but these ones really don't hurt my feet, even if walking in them for a long time.

Vintage Makeup said...

They look comfy! Though I'm not a fan of flip flops. :)

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