Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travel and gift shops

Recently we took a family holiday to Echuca, a three hour drive from Melbourne, Victoria.

Echuca is a popular tourism and holiday destination, with plenty of modern and historic local attractions, and a great selection of restaurants. Love the country feeling!

I particularly like checking out the gift shops when on holidays because you can always find things that are unique. There was one shop I loved called Port Golly Gosh, that sells lots of different homewares gifts a lot of which are handpainted.

This is what I found:

If you have read my post on butterflies, you will know that I love, love, love butterflies. I found a gorgeous 3D bookmark with butterflies on it, which I had to have.

The country scenery was beautiful and so relaxing to wake up to every day. Fresh air and a cooked breakfast every morning was lovely - and we did lots of walking which was nice.

I love travelling and would love to do a lot more of it. There are so many lovely places in Australia that we haven't visited yet. Hopefully one day!

Do you travel much? What is your favourite travelling destination?

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Vintage Makeup said...

I love the bird one! :)

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