Monday, December 19, 2011

Coles Derma Intensive+ range - Cleansing milk, Toner, Night cream review

Looking for affordable skincare? The Derma Intensive+ Q10 range products are $4.99 each and exclusive to Coles.

This range first launched at Tesco in the UK and sold at a rate of 1.5 packs per minute and became the retailer's fastest growing skincare range and gained immediate hero status with beauty experts, leading the way in affordable anti-aging solutions for all women.

Derma Intensive + says: The Derma Intensive+ range, enriched with Q10, plus Omega 3 and Sepilift, includes five products that have been developed to help delay the signs of ageing and encourage natural beauty to shine through. With continual use, skin is protected from the appearance of new lines, helping to promote younger-looking skin.

I was sent some products to try and must say I am impressed. The products do work pretty well considering they cost less than five dollars each.

Derma Intensive+ Q10 Gentle Cleansing Milk 200ml $3.99 - This is a gentle cleanser that comes in a plastic bottle with a flip top. The ingredients as listed on the back of the product are Aloe Vera Extract to improve the ability of the skin to retain water, moisturizers it in depth and restores its elsasticity. Vitamin E protects the epidermis cells from oxidation and helps the skin to slow down the signs of ageing, Coenzyme Q10  helps to repair and regenerate itself, improving elasticity and appearance and D-panthenol calms, relaxes and helps protect the skin against irritations.

This cleanser is easy to use, has a pleasant smell which I like and cleanses the skin well. The formula is a milky cleanser that you apply in circular motions on the skin. It leaves my skin feeling cleaned, refreshed and feels good.

Derma Intensive+ Clarifying Facial Toner 200ml -  comes in a plastic bottle with a flip top as well. It also has the main ingredients (as does the cleansing milk)  Aloe Vera Extract, Coenzyme 10 and D-Panthenol and also has Green Tea Extract an antioxidant which protects the skin against the effects of free radicals and environmental damage. 
Once you apply the toner to a cotton pad you smooth it onto the skin. I found this nice and refreshing on the skin, it can sting if you have blemishes so I wouldn't use it on those areas. It does have a strong nice smell ( took me a little while to get use to) Overall it leaves the skin clean and fresh, with the toner absorbed quickly into the skin.

Derma Intensive+ Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50ml $4.99 - The night cream comes in a glass jar with a top that you unscrew to open and is made to help protect the skin against the signs of ageing. It says that it is nourishing and soothing to the skin and increases the natural Q10 level at night - restoring the skin’s firmness and freshness.

The main ingredients again in this are Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E and also Macadamia Oil for deeply soothing and moisturising and helps to replenish skin moisture. This smells beautiful, it really caught my attention.

The formula is a nice consistency, not too thick or too thin, just right and is soft and easy to apply. It feels smooth on the skin and you can feel it on the skin, not greasy but a wet feeling which is absorbed really quickly leaving your skin feeling refreshed. You only need a small amount of this product, otherwise your skin can feel greasy if you touch it. Once I worked out how much I needed for me, it was fine. The next morning my skin feels nice, soft and smooth.

Overall an affordable range that is made to be suitable for all skin types. I would suggest this to anyone that has normal skin. If your on a budget, then these would be great to have a look at and see if they will work for you. Available at Coles only.

Would you consider buying affordable skincare? Have you tried any of these products? What do you use for your skincare at the moment?


Vintage Makeup said...

Thanks for the review! You always do great reviews :)

DanniiBeauty said...

@Vintage Makeup - Thankyou so much for your lovely comment and your support, you are awesome! xx

Anonymous said...

I cannot say how great the Derma Intensive Q10 hand and nail cream is !!! I have tried everything for my very dry hands especially during winter and this cream at $2.99 at Coles has done the trick.
It was almost an instant result I was so impressed and now find I am addicted and apply it several times a day as it is non greasy and I am not ashamed of my hands anymore. I think the nails and cuticles are a vast improvement after only one week. Try it add only $2.99 nothing to loose really.
I am going to try on my very dry feet as well Bev :)