Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why exfoliation is good for your skin

Many people forget about exfoliation. Why should I exfoliate? you may ask. There are some really good reasons why exfoliating is good for your skin.

When you exfoliate you are removing the top layer of dead skin cells that tend to dull your complexion. It removes the flaky skin you may have so when you apply your moisturiser or serum, it is absorbed better and your foundation glides on smoothly on your skin.

Exfoliation stimulates blood circulation whilst removing dead skin cells and increases the cell renewal rate. This then makes your skin look and feel softer and smoother and you will have a healthy glow.

If you get pimples and blackheads they are caused by a build up of oil, dirt and dead skin cells that are usually in your pores. Exfoliating will help to remove the buildup, as our skin is sensitive ensure you are gentle when using a exfoliator, just rub gently in circular motions on your face.

Exfoliating at least two to three times is great for the skin, but it depends on your skin type so try a few different options to see what works for you.

Body exfoliation is good as well, I usually use a exfoliating glove for the body and it works really well, leaving the skin softer and smoother.

Do you exfoliate your skin? How often is best for your skin type?


Vintage Makeup said...

Nice post! I love a good exfoliator, and it makes skin look so lovely!

prettymom said...

i love the refresh feeling after exfoliation. i have dry skin and i do it about 2x per week.

Marina B said...

Hello Dannii! Thank you very much for following me, I am the new kid on the beauty block :)

Love your tipps... it looks like we are very much interested in same things...

Greets from Dublin!

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