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Best Beauty Products of 2011 - by guest post

Guest Post: This post was written by Ella Davidson of Coupons is a charitable couponing website that strives to save consumers money while bettering the world.

The market is flooded with beauty products, making it easy for us to spend millions on our appearance throughout our lives. Every year a multitude of new creams, powders and colors are developed, promising always to recapture what has already disappeared. Some of these products are nothing but snake oil and dreams, but every once and a while something that actually works comes along. Happily, 2011 seemed to have been inspiring for the hardworking beauty scientists, yielding a delicious crop of new items to help us look our best.


Budget: Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Wash

This iconic amber fluid contains highly effective ingredients for what is often over looked as a ‘drugstore’ cleanser. The 2% salicylic acid is potent enough to have a visible effect on clogged pores and fine lines, while the cucumber and aloe work to reduce redness.

High-End: Aveda ‘Green Science’ cleanser

Containing ceramides to restore your natural moisture barrier, this cleanser works to both exfoliate and moisturize your skin. What’s more, it includes a revolutionary cactus compound that works to rebuild lost collagen while you cleanse.


Budget: Cetaphil UVA/UVB SPF 50 cream

Without the false glamour of other more ineffective (and pricey) potions, this lightweight cream moisturizes deeply while supplying your skin with 50 times its natural protection from sun damage.

High-End: Chanel Ultra-Correction Day Cream SPF15

It isn’t just the status appeal of this product that has beauty editors addicted. It is one of the few creams that deliver a reparative moisture boost without the heaviness that generally accompanies creams of this caliber. This powerful concoction absorbs in under a minute while intensely moisturizing and repairing at the same time.

Night Cream

Budget: Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream

For less than twenty dollars a bottle, the cream promises to replace lost moisture and firmness while working to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike most drug store creams, this one has many leading dermatologists applauding the ‘real science behind it’

High-End: Skin Media: TNS Essential Serum

This highly touted product is so effective that few people bother to complain over its 260-dollar price tag. Containing anti-oxides, peptides and intense collagen builders, this serum claims to not only help prevent skin aging, but actually reverse accumulated damage. That’s more than enough for most women to consider paying more than their grocery bill on a tiny vial of serum.


Budget: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

Pat McGrath, celebrity makeup artist, formulated this product to deliver high-end results for less than a quarter of the price. She succeeded. This foundation goes on smoothly and creates an ultra natural finish for less than ten dollars.

High-End: Cle de Peau Cream Compact Foundation

This is possibly the most expensive foundation available. Strangely enough, it’s worth it. Like many of the products from this brand, the foundation has a much-deserved cult following for its longevity, color quality and ease of application. Just be sure you have enough in your account to keep your supply coming – you may never be able to go back to drugstore again.


Budget: Maybelline Color Sensational

These lipsticks give the kind of ultra hydration and pigment that is expected from luxury brands. Thanks again to make up ‘super genius’ McGrath, you can get the impact of a thirty-dollar lipstick for the price of coffee and a muffin.

High-End: Nars

Women have been known to collect these extraordinary lipsticks like sports cards. The textures are outstanding and the colors so unique you can expect to be stopped on a regular basis to be asked, “Where did you get that!!” Nars lipsticks are truly a blessing for the color obsessed.


Budget: L’Oreal Voluminous Millions Mascara

With a unique tube that wipes the excess off the brush, this mascara promises plump, clump-free lashes. It delivers. One layer gives your lashes volume and intense color without creating the dreaded ‘poker lash’ effect.

High-End: Dior Show Mascara

Since it’s inception at a fashion show, no other mascara has offered this kind of impact. Lashes are curled and darker than pitch with a noticeable increase in both width and length. Fair warning-this mascara gives both instant impact and instant addiction!

Although, in our heads, we are just as young as vibrant as we were at twenty-four, our bodies are slowly winding down with every moment that passes. The key is to sit back and enjoy your own unique, aging process. Of course, finding products that you trust to work hard for you is crucial as well. Obviously a cream or a lipstick isn’t going to help you reclaim the last ten years of your life but with the right application (and some good lighting) you can always get a few years back on loan for a night.

What was your best beauty product of 2011?

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