Monday, January 16, 2012

Lacura Renovage skincare range from Aldi - Review

A few months ago I was sent the Lacura Renovage skincare range sold exclusively at Aldi to review. I love skincare and was definitely intrigued to try this range as I have seen a lot about it. The packaging is sturdy and the range is affordable and accessible from the supermarket Aldi.

Lacura Renovage says: The Lacura Renovage premium skin care range contains the innovative anti-ageing PhytoCellTec complex, which is based on apple stem cells from a rare Swiss apple tree. Its regenerative properties help protect the skin against harmful environmental influences and help support the repair function of your skin, helping reduce the signs of ageing.  

The Lacura Renovage range has a day cream, eye cream, serum and night cream. The packaging on all products are a sturdy plastic jar, except the serum which is in a pump bottle. The sizes are decent 50ml for the moisturisers, 100ml for the serum and 15ml for the eye cream, a few months worth of product.

Intensive Serum: Is ideal to wear as a base under makeup due to its light formulation. Formulated with Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, it helps regenerate, firm and improve skin complexion. Use in combination with day or night cream for additional anti-ageing benefits.

The serum comes in a pump bottle which is great, one pump is enough for the entire face and the texture is a soft, runny cream. It feels soft when applied on the face and absorbs quickly.

Day cream: Contains the additional benefits of UV filters to help protect the skin from external environmental influences, helping prevent fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

The day cream is a soft cream that feels nice on the skin and absorbs quite nicely. It doesn't leave the skin feeling heavy or oily, but rather just nice and moisturising.

Rejuvenating night cream: A rich moisture complex that includes the additional benefits of grape seed oil and shea butter to increase hydration overnight. Your skin is left feeling relaxed and recovered the following morning.

The night cream is the same in texture with the day cream a soft cream that feels great on the skin. You don't need to use too much. It leaves the skin soft, hydrated and feeling moisturised the next morning. Doesn't feel oily or heavy which is great.

Protective eye cream: Contains natural parts of avocado to help strengthen the skin barrier of the delicate skin around the eyes, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Can be used day or night.

The eye cream has a really soft texture, so you don't need a lot. It leaves the undereye area feeling soft and moisturised.

Overall the Lacura Renovage range has soft/runny texture to their products, if you like softer creams then this might be great for you. They are also quite moisturising and leave the skin feeling soft, so I would say if you have dry skin or skin that needs moisture, then these would be great. I didn't find any of the products oily or heavy and no breakouts, which is great. The Lacura Renovage range is available at Aldi at $19.99 each.

Have you tried any of the Lacura Renovage skincare range?


Vintage Makeup said...

I really want to try this range & this review has been very helpful!

bbBeauty said...

I love that you did a review of the skin care from aldi. A lot of people judge it straight away thinking its no good but my mum was using it for a while and it is so affordable.

DanniiBeauty said...

@bbBeauty - Your welcome! Affordable skincare can be great too, it just depends on skin type and what the skin needs are.

These days there is so much to choose from, its great to try out and find the one that works and is affordable.

Yolandaas said...

great review.. x

PensivePenumbra said...

Wow sounds great! I'm going to have to check this out next time I go near a store. I never knew! Thanks so much for the review ;)

amandasun said...

It must be good - it's always sold out! I have a friend (who shall be nameless as she works for Elizabeth Arden!) and she swears by the Lacura range so... I'll be buying in bulk if I ever find it in stock!

EsteeDarla said...

This is a really great skin care line and for cheap, most times you get what you platy for but not with this you really get a high end line for a very little coast

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