Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kio Kio body care range - body lotion and body mist review

If your looking for a luxurious product that you will fall in love with straight away, it will definitely be the Kio Kio range!

I had never heard of Kio Kio so was interested to see what they were like and straight away I can tell you -  they are beautiful.

Kio Kio says: Kio Kio is made in New Zealand using the purest, softest, organic spring water, filtered through pristine mountain ranges. This water is combined with potent native botanical extracts and certified organic ingredients, creating luxurious, unique, natural bodycare.
The first product I tried is the Rainforest and Koromiko body lotion. The scent is described as Fragranced like a morning walk in the forest after it has rained. Koromiko renews and smoothes stressed skin. Koromiko was traditionally used in ritual ceremonies, as well as for healing skin complaints.

The product comes in a 240ml sturdy bottle with a pump for easy dispensing and the lotion is a really nice creamy texture, non greasy that moisturises the skin and feels hydrated for hours. It absorbs quite quickly and has a beautiful light scent that lingers on the skin and is gorgeous. 

I also tried the Kio Kio Pacific Tiare and Ti Kauka body mist. The scent is described as white flowers and citrus combine in this sparkling Pacific Ocean fragrance. Sweetly scented Ti Kauka is naturally cleansing and nurturing for the skin. Ancient people regarded this palm tree as a plant of good luck and fertility. It was traditionally used to heal skin.

The Body Mist comes in a 240ml bottle with a spray applicator. The body mist applies beautifully to the skin, once I spray it on I rub it in a little and it feels smooth and soft. The light scent leaves the skin feeling and smelling so pretty.

Overall the Kio Kio range is fantastic and a beautiful way to look after our skin knowing that the products are all natural made from natural bio active ingredients.

I recommend them for any skin type as they are light and absorb quite well. Available online and through stockists, the Kio Kio Bodycare range consists of lotions, creams, body mists, body wash, soap and  hand cream which come in four gorgeous fragrances - Citrus Petal and Tarata, Pacific Tiare and Ti Kauka, Rainforest and Korimoko and Frangipani and Puriri. The packaging is simple and pretty, great for a gift too!

Have you tried the Kio Kio body care range? What body care are you using at the moment?


Brooke Simmons said...

Great review!

Makes me want to try it.

Watts New said...

I have used the Frangipani & Puriri Body Lotion and it is beautiful! Very creamy and sweet, it's wonderful, simply wonderful... makes me want to go to New Zealand today...

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