Sunday, June 10, 2012

What is your favourite season of the year?

Winter is my favourite season. I just love winter mornings and wearing lots of layers of clothes to keep warm. And sometimes when the sun comes out in winter, beautiful!

Here are ten things I love about winter:

  • I love winter accessories such as gloves, scarf, and beanies
  • My favourite winter fashion piece is jackets
  • Love fireplaces, so warm and watching the fire is a relaxing
  • Hot chocolates to keep me warm
  • Love going for walks to warm up and get fresh air
  • Bring out the doonas and snuggle up
  • Wearing hoodies
  • Hot chips and gravy
  • Bring out the boots, so comfortable
  • Going to the snow, I love the mountain scenery

What is your favourite season?


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Natali Crystal said...

i agree x

winter is my favorite season!
I do like summer but the thing is, i hate getting all hot and gross

snow, Christmas, wearing scarfs and drinking hot chocolate <3

Summer can't beat that!

Natali xox

xStroutx said...

I tend to love each season when they start... but get sick of them towards the end. I'd have to say Spring is my favourite. I DO love winter accessories though

Jan @ said...

Summer is my favorite season of the year. Basically, because of the beach and summer coolers available everywhere. Summer and beach reminds me of fun and happiness under the sun.

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