Monday, October 29, 2012

Well Naturally chocolate - with no added sugar!

Who loves chocolate!? Of course I love chocolate! And yes I know too much chocolate is not good for me ( or mainly my waistline!) so when I came across Well Naturally no added sugar milk chocolate bars, I was very intrigued.

 Is it possible?! Yes it is!

Well Naturally no added sugar milk chocolate bars are just that, chocolate that has no added sugar and have 80% less sugar than regular milk chocolate.

Well Naturally have done this by leaving the Milk Chocolate with only those sugars that are naturally present in the ingredients used, such as the lactose (or milk sugar as it is commonly known) found in the milk powder traditionally used in milk chocolate recipes. So by eliminating added sugar in No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate, people can enjoy the full flavour of regular milk chocolate without the ‘empty calories’ and all the other downsides associated with excessive sugar consumption.

So what do I think of the taste? The first one I tried was the creamy milk bars and it tastes creamy which is nice, but not as sweet as 'normal' chocolate. It does take a few bites to get use to the taste, and a great alternative to eating 'normal' chocolate.  The fruit and nut bars also tasted creamy and I did find that they tasted sweeter due to the fruit in them which was nice. Overall a great chocolate!  I definitely will look out for this range in my supermarket. I also like the packaging, very eye catching!

Well Naturally no added milk chocolate is available in Creamy Milk and Fruit and Nut flavours. There are also dark chocolate flavours and protein bars available by Well Naturally.

They are a great alternative and good to know that I am eating something that is better for me, whilst satisfying my chocolate cravings!

You can check out more about the products here at

They are available at Woolworths and Coles in the health food aisle for $2.69 each.

Do you love chocolate?  What is your favourite chocolate indulgence?


Saumya said...

Sounds interesting .. do you get them at coles too ?

DanniiBeauty said...

@Saumya - Yes, Coles do stock Well Naturally products.

mariezedd said...

nice blog!

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