Saturday, December 15, 2012

BYS nailpolishes from Fashion Addict online

BYS is an Australian brand, providing great products and value for money. They offer great colours and have improved on their quality and products over the last year. They are great if your looking for affordable products!

I was sent some great nailpolish colours they have come out with, that are vibrant and gorgeous colours.

Left to right: Step Right Up, Glamazon, Alaskan Blue, Dahlia Blooms, Roller Coaster 

The nailpolishes apply really well, and have staying power of about 4 to 5 days. The nailpolishes retail for $3.95aud and they are available in so many different colours, check them all out here.

They also have a range called the BYS Magnetic nailpolish which I really think is nice.

Magnetic Cobalt and Magnetic Comet

You create diagnoal stripes by painting your nail with the BYS Magnetic Nail polish diagonal stripes and place the back of the bottle cap above your nail for a few seconds to create diagonal stripes. It took me a few try's to get it to work, but it does look really creative and different.

Magnetic Comet

The BYS Magnetic nail polish retail for $6.95aud and come in a few different colours.

BYS products are definitely worth checking out for their affordability and good quality, they are available from who have a wide variety of products and ship australia wide and internationally.

Have you tried any BYS products?


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