Saturday, January 19, 2013

The best baby wipes - Aussie baby wipes REVIEW

I have been using baby wipes for my children for the last nine years since my first child was born and they are one of those things that you cannot live without when you have children.

Baby wipes are great not only for changing babies nappies, but they do come in handy for taking your makeup off, wiping your hands, cleaning up spills and so much more!

So recently I was sent some Aussie Wipes to try and I am so glad I got to try them because they are fantastic. Usually what I look for in wipes is that are soft, gentle, wet and non irritating.

The Aussie Wipes are perfect! I was so impressed with them. First of all the packaging is cute, they come in a gorgeous blue and purple colour packs. They have scented and unscented wipes which are both great. The wipes are dermatologically tested, ph balanced and hypoallergenic. Aussie wipes are 100% australian made. They are soft and gentle and not too dry or too wet, just right.

The exciting thing about Aussie Wipes is that they have teamed up with SIDS and Kids to produce these fantastic Red Nose Baby Wipes with every pack being sold, to help raise money for research into stillbirth, SIDS and safe sleeping practices. A great cause to support.

You can buy these wipes in a bulk order of nine packs of 100 wipes for $35.90aud + p&h. Visit the Aussie Wipes site or the SIDS & Kids online store to make your purchase and support a great cause.

What baby wipes do you use?

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