Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beauty tip: Change your pillowcase daily

One thing that I have been doing for years and I think it really is a simple, yet effective beauty tip is that I change my pillowcase every night.

I have combination skin and am prone to getting breakouts, but have found that by changing my pillowcase daily, it helps to keep my face clean and reduce my breakouts.

Our pillowcase collects all kinds of dirt that can clog your pores, things like shampoo/conditioner residue or creams, sweat, drool and more.

By changing your pillowcase frequently it allows eliminating of the shreds of hair, skin, and dead skin cells, that affect your skin and in turn cause breakouts.

Changing your pillow case daily or every other day can help keep your skin happier and cleaner!

I also like to buy a new pillow every two to three years. There are two things that you can check for to see if you need to buy a new pillow:

1. Check for signs of odor, mold, and mildew. If any of these are present, then you need a new  pillow.

2. The fold test? Fold your pillow in half and then let go. Natural down pillows should bounce back slowly. Synthetic down pillows should bounce back with some force. For memory foam, push down on the center of the pillow. When you let go, the pillow should regain its shape. If not you need a new pillow.

I would definitely recommend trying to change your pillowcase often and seeing if that makes a difference for you.

Do you change your pillowcase often?

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