Thursday, March 28, 2013

My makeup collection storage - drawer and cabinet

As I love my makeup and beauty products so much, I really need to have a system of storing all my products in a organised way. After months and months of looking for something I found a affordable storage system from Officeworks, yep Officeworks!

I was looking for something that wouldn't take up much space but that would be easy for me to access my makeup and easy to find or look for products. So I found the 10 Drawer Chrome Trolley- Multi Colour Brights from Officeworks It is a chrome frame with wheels and has twelve drawers. You can wheel it around anywhere and the drawers are easy to slide out.

I have labelled my drawers and am able to keep all my products laid out so I can see what I have (as seen in pictures above) I am not someone who collects makeup as such, I write down the date I purchase the product and always throw out products that are expired. I like to try out a lot of products for myself and to review for my blog, so I always make sure that I change up my makeup and use different products. I use makeup everyday so I do go through a lot of products.

I store all my products in the drawers except for nailpolish, my foundation , brushes and some other products which I keep in a two door cabinet. (as pictured above). On top of this cabinet I have the products I use on a daily basis and rotate them weekly.

I keep my makeup storage in my study which makes these drawers suitable for my study. For now I am happy with my storage and like that it is organised and easy to access.

Do you have a storage system for your makeup?


Hunter87 said...

Great post thanks for sharing

Mrs.Makeup said...

Thanks for sharing I love seeing these posts!

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

This is a great idea! I really need to get more organised and I'd love to have all my makeup in one place. You've inspired me :)

DanniiBeauty said...

@Hunter87 - Your welcome :)

@Mrs.Makeup - Your welcome :)

@Di from Max The Unicorn - I really do love it, so much more easier to find everything :)