Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush Review

A couple of months ago as I was walking the aisles in Priceline I noticed a new hair brush that they stocked and it caught my eye 'detangling hair brush'. I have about ten different brushes at home, because I am always trying out new brushes and particularly am looking for one that does not hurt, tug or pull on my hair when brushing.

So the Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush was a interesting find and after using it, I really do love it. It works really well and does what it is suppose to - detangle!

About Michel Mercier: Michel Mercier Ltd. is a leading company in the field of hair care. The combination of creativity and innovative thought coupled with vast experience gives a solution to the problems of hair care for both men and women alike.
The Company develops, produces and sells a large variety of hair products: a line for special hair brushes for tangled hair that is marketed locally and throughout the world. These brushes were developed by the Company’s R&D team, led by Michel Mercier, and emphatically make brushing one’s hair a much pleasanter task and significantly lessen the painful pulling out of hair and continuous harm to the hair and scalp. These brushes are protected by a world patent and recently won qualitative prestigious prizes.

So what do I think?! It is a great brush that is definitely my favourite and the one that I reach for the most. It definitely detangles the hair with minimal effort as it glides effortlessly through the hair. The design of the brush is unique with the bristles being hard and strong and the head of the brush big and round, so it is easier to brush through all the hair. The handle is unique and sturdy that works really well. I also use this on my three year old daughter who always seems to have knots in her shoulder length hair and she also notices the difference and really likes it!

This is available at Priceline for $19.99aud. Check out the Michel Mercier  website for more information.

Have you tried this brush? Do you have a favourite brush you use?

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