Monday, August 12, 2013

Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System Review

Olay has unveiled upon the Australian market the first advance cleansing system that is affordable and designed to provide daily, professional skin cleansing that gently exfoliates and provides smoother skin.

I was very excited to receive this to review as it has so far received great reviews and the two speed rotating brush delivers deep cleansing that is up to 4 times better than manual cleansing.

Olay says: Prepare your skin for your anti-ageing routine with the new Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System. This innovative new product clears away dirt and makeup better than basic cleansing alone, delivering an advanced cleansing experience that's gentle on skin and is up to 4 times better than manual cleansing. And what's more, this innovative beauty device from Olay Regenerist cleanses as effectively as a $200 cleansing device.

The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System contains one 20ml bottle of the Olay regenerist cleanser, one brush head, two double AA batteries and one cleansing device.

The cleansing device has a on and off button and two speeds to choose from, slower and a faster mode.

After applying the cleanser to my face, I use the cleansing device starting off on the slower mode for about 10 seconds and then I turn it on to the second faster mode. All up it is recommended to use the tool for 60 seconds. I find it easy to use and move around the face and feels great on the skin.

It really does feel like it is cleaning the skin really well and leaves the skin feeling nice and smooth. It feels like a gentle exfoliator at the same time as cleansing the skin. I have used this with other cleansers and it works well too. Over time the texture of my skin has improved feeling smoother and fresher. It really does clean the skin in a way, that you just cannot cleanse without this tool.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone and as it is affordable, it is definitely worth it. For more information checkout the website. The Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System retails for $32.49aud and the replacement brush heads (2 pack) are $9.99aud. Available at Priceline.

Have you tried the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System?


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