Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scunci Medium Self Grip Foam Rollers Review

Scunci is a well known brand for hair accessories and one that I have used for many, many years.

Lately they have sent me the Scunci 5 medium self grip foam rollers to try.

I have thin, straight hair so anything that will give me a nice wavy, voluminous look I am willing to try.

Scunci says - Scunci Medium self grip foam rollers create volume and lift, they smooth the hair, leaving no indentation marks. Use them on wet, damp or dry hair with or without styling lotion or gel.

This is exactly what I need. I was lured to these as I want something that is easy to use and yet will give me great results. As the name suggests they are self grip foam rollers, which at first I wasn't sure how they would work, but they do!

They are easy to apply, you just get your hair selection to be curled starting from the bottom of the hair roll up and then apply the roller on the hair which will self grip.

Demonstration of what the Scunci self grip foam rollers look in the hair
There are five of these in the packet which is enough to do the top part of my head. Depending on how much time you have these will obviously work best if left in the hair longer. I also like to either apply mousse to my hair first and then use the rollers or use hairspray before taking them out to ensure the waves remain in my hair.

Everyone's results will be different depending on your hair type, however for me I have thin hair but a lot of it and find that it gives a nice wave to my hair.

Here is a picture of Jennifer Lawrence with her wavy hair using Scunci products - gorgeous!

So definitely recommend these Scunci Medium Self Grip Foam Rollers which retail for $12.95aud and available anywhere Scunci is sold. You can check out more of their products on the Scunci website.

How do you curl your hair? Have you used rollers?

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