Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 things to help you feel good about yourself!

It happens to all of us, sometimes our self-esteem can get too low that we just don't feel good about ourselves. We may feel unworthy, unattractive, hopeless and the list goes on. But enough with the negativity and start doing something to get feel good about yourself.

It starts by changing your thoughts and actions - it doesn't have to be too complicated just simple things to make you, YOU again!

Here are ten things that I do and work for me, that may help you too:

1. Clean your surroundings - When you live in a cluttered area, it can make you feel down. Clean your desk, your room, your office wherever you may be. The order and cleanliness of your surroundings can bring some calmness and positivity to how you feel.

2. Read something positive - I love this one, because it really makes a difference for me. Reading something that will inspire and uplift you - there are lots of great books that will do this - check your library or local bookstore for inspirational books.

3. Find a hobby  - What is something that you have always wanted to do? Is it to write a book or learn how to paint or learn how to knit/crochet or play a sport? Whatever it is do your research and start a hobby, it will help you look forward to something that you like to do.

4. Give something away - Look around you and see what it is that you don't use anymore or care for anymore and give it away.

5. Do something new - Change your routine, try and think of a new way of doing something. Change is good it helps you think outside of the box and you will discover something new at the same time.

6. Dress up  - Go through your wardrobe and pick out clothes that you don't normally wear or that you are saving for a special occasion and wear it now. It will help you look good and then feel good too.

7. Start saving $1 per day - Yes it is that simple, but if you save one dollar or two dollars a day - you can use that money to buy something just for you every month. A new book, a new lipstick, a new nailpolish, a new pen - anything that you will look forward to.

8. Change your hair - Now this is something that you can't do every week but every month or two do something different with your hair - you can colour it, change hairstyle, change how you wear it, wear new hair accessories - anything that will change your hairstyle.

9. Rest for 15 minutes - Just relax, don't do anything, don't think about anything - in fact just sit outside and stare at the sky. Allow yourself to rejuvenate and be in the moment.

10. Remind yourself that you are OK - No matter what, things will work out the way they should. Be happy with what you have and think of all the positive things in your life.

So there you have it - 10 things you can do to make you feel good about yourself - can you add another tip? What do you do to make YOU feel good about yourself?

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