Thursday, October 3, 2013

CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips Review

Who wants to have white teeth? Everyone. So when Clever White strips were sent to me I was excited to see how these would work. I visit my dentist regularly for checkups, but haven't really tried any whitening products apart from toothpastes.

And of course anything that is easy to use and affordable, is definitely something I would try.

Clever white says: The new CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips deliver fantastic whitening results anywhere at any time with nothing to remove. Use them while taking a shower, driving to work or going shopping! The thin transparent strips that are practically invisible dissolve on your teeth and whiten them in less than 10 minutes. 

The packet of Clever White comes with 42 whitening strips which is three weeks worth when you use them once a day. The strips are individually wrapped and easy to use  - just press them onto the teeth and fold the hanging edge. The transparent strip stays on until it dissolves.

When I first put the strips on they went on easily and within a few seconds you can feel them stick tot he teeth and gums. It does feel a little weird so I keep my mouth closed the whole time. The strips within a few minutes turn to a gel like substance that is sticky and gooey. They do take a few days to get use to them. The taste is nice and minty.

Once the strip dissolves after 10 minutes to a gel sticky texture it is absorbed by the teeth and gone. I like to rinse my mouth out to get rid of the gel but you don't have to.

The result? I do find that these do give me noticeably whiter teeth after a few days use and a nice instant fresh breath! Once you decide when you will use them - I found before having a shower is great - then you will get use to them.

As per CleverWhite these work by: the dissolving film technology used in the CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips is the ideal delivery system for the active peroxide ingredient because it can maintain its stability and safely carry the perfect dosage. The strips allow for a sustained and controlled release of the peroxide which speeds up absorption by the tooth enamel to deliver exceptional whitening results. They also help to maintain good oral health while whitening your teeth.They are fast, easy to use and safe.

If you want to try a product to help whiten your teeth, I would say give these a go. They are easy to use and affordable, available at Priceline for $29.99aud. More information on the CleverWhite Dissolving Whitening Strips here 

Have you tried these before?

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