Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hair colour myths no more - great tips for your hair!

I love colouring my hair. I like changing the colour of my hair to see how they suit me. Over the last ten years I think I have had about six different hair colours. So when I came across these tips by Celebrity colourist and Clairol Nice’n Easy ambassador, Belinda Jeffrey, I wanted to share them with you too. She talks about some great products and how they can help your hair.

Myth #1: Covering re-growth or grey roots can’t be achieved at home

“Covering regrowth and grey hair at home has never been easier. For those who are time poor Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up provides quality results from the convenience of your home, covering roots and greys anytime between regular colouring by allowing hair to be coloured on specific areas.”

Myth #2: A home hair dye will leave hair colour flat and lifeless

“Home hair colour can actually be great for adding life and shine to dull hair by boosting colour and adding dimension. For best results, take hair colour two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour. The Clairol Nice’n Easy ColourBlend formula provides natural looking colour with multi-dimensional tones thanks to the exclusive ColourBlend technology.”

Myth #3: You should always go lighter as the weather gets warmer

“Taking hair lighter when the weather warms up isn’t always necessary, and it’s important to first determine if a colour will suit you before making the change. Look at skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour to help make a decision.”

Myth #4: All shampoo and conditioner have the same results on coloured hair 

“Not all shampoo and conditioner are formulated the same. To maintain hair colour and prevent fade or colour change, it’s important to use products that are specially formulated for coloured hair.” Try: Wella Pro Series Colour Shampoo and Conditioner

Myth #5: Colouring your hair will result in dry, damaged hair

“Coloured hair doesn’t have to mean damaged hair. To ensure hair is kept in top condition after colouring and to prevent dryness and damage, use a rich moisturising treatment three times a week.”
Try: Wella Pro Series Rinse-Off Moisture Treatment

There you have it, some great tips by Belinda Jeffrey - Celebrity colourist and Clairol Nice’n Easy ambassador - that will help you keep your hair looking great!

Do you have any tips or products for hair that you can share?

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