Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NS-5 Cuticle and Nail Complex Review

I have always had problems with my nails. They just won't grow and lately they have been splitting easily and becoming dry around my cuticle. I have tried many hand creams and they do a great job but this one product has really impressed me as it is specifically for the nails and cuticles and works amazingly!

The NS-5 Cuticle and Nail Complex which comes in a 15 grams tube.

NS-5 say it is recommended for: Ragged cuticles, Hang-nails, Split fingers, Sensitive and irritated skin. Ingredients are:

Silicea: Provides nails with strength, flexibility & elasticity
Keratin: Restores elasticity - preventing flaking & breaking
Urea: Moisturises & exfoliates dead skin
Shea Butter: Excellent moisturisation for nails & cuticles
Aloe Vera: Healing & anti-inflammatory benefits
Pro-Vitamin B5: Nail moisturisation - reduces nail breakage
Allantoin: Moisturises, soothes & softens cuticles
Vitamin E: Protects against dehydration & environmental damage

The texture is a white creamy formula that is formulated to nourish, strenghen and restore the nails and cuticles. I use this by squirting it across my nails and cuticles and rubbing it into the area like you would a handcream.

It is quick and easy to use and the cream is absorbed in to the skin within a minute or two. It does say on the instructions to use it twice a day, but I have only been using it at night once a day. It really is fantastic. It does a great job of nourishing the nails and cuticles, I usually get really dry cuticles and my nails are weak but this is a definite product that has made a difference to the look of my nails.

I love the ingredients as well, all natural -  free from petro-chemicals, paraffins, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. It is suitable for sensitive and irritated skin.

The NS-5 Cuticle and Nail Complex is available in chemists and retails for $9.95aud. More information on NS-5 products and pictures here . I would highly recommend this - I think every one needs to own this product as it will really give you healthy nails.

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I LOVE this product! I have the worst nails, and this has truly helped improve them dramatically!

Lucy x

Plunkett Skincare said...

We are so glad you are a fan of our NS 5 Cuticle and Nail cream Dannii!It truly is a nail-saver :)

The Plunketts Team xx


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