Saturday, December 21, 2013

FunLoom Bracelet Kit Review - fun for boys and girls!

I love discovering some cool things for kids to do. It keeps them busy, helps them be creative and gives them confidence. So when Fun Loom was introduced to me I was excited to try it out with my children.
We were sent the Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit and as soon as my ten year old saw it he was excited, as he had heard about them already and said they were 'cool'. These are a huge hit in the US and have just arrived in Australia  ( yet my ten year old already knows about them - he said someone at school told him after they were on a holiday in America - news travels fast!)

 The kit comes with four items: 600 silicone bands, plastic grid of pegs, fun loom hook and 25 C-clips. 

 There are also clear instructions on how to make the bracelets.

So as soon as colours were chosen for the bracelet, my ten year old started making the bracelets. The instructions were easy to follow and with a bit of practice he mastered the bracelet making process.

It was really fun seeing the bracelet come together, and with the many different colours available it is a fun activity for boys and girls. They can be made in any size to fit anyone.
The finished product:
And in some other colours too:
And different designs:

 So there you have it, a fantastic bracelet making kit that will be loved by all children. It keeps them entertained and proud of what they can make. The Fun Loom bracelet making kit is exclusively available at Big W for $15aud  You can also make rings from this set too! Find out more information on the Fun Loom here at Mooseworld and check out the videos to see how they are made.
Do your children like creating things?

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