Sunday, January 12, 2014

Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Cream Review (swatches and picture)

I love lip products. I never leave the house without something on my lips. So we now have some new products that have entered the makeup world by Australis and they are the Velourlips Matte Lip Cream.

First of all the colours are amazing, such nice vibrant colours. I love the packaging a sleek tube with a doe foot applicator which I like as it makes it easy to apply the lip product. 

Top to bottom colour names: Ny-cee, Par-ee, Mal-I-boo, Tok-io, Rio-D

Australis says: The creamy long-wear formula glides on easily with its doe foot applicator, finishing to a velvety matte look with intense, full coverage colour payoff. Perfect for when you want lasting, matte colour that moves with your lips without flaking.

They are a lip product that applies creamy and is highly pigmented - you only need one sweep of the product and you are right to go. They take about ten seconds to dry and then they last all day. You do feel them drying on your lips, but they feel comfortable even through they are dry. (may feel drying for some) The finished look is matte.

Just applied one swipe swatches - highly pigmented, then they dry to a matte finish

They do last a long time at least 4-6hours and you do feel them on your lips.  There are a few different ways that I have tried to wear them. I have mixed the colours like Par-ee and Tok-io to give me a more toned down purple shade. You can also apply a gloss in the centre of your lip, if you don't want them to look too matte. I found that they wore off around the centre of my lips first and then the outer edges  - pretty standard for most matte products.

In the picture above I am wearing NY- CEE on its own, a vibrant red with a matte finish.

If you like highly pigmented and vibrant colours then these would be great to own. They are definitely a unique product in that they are a matte lip cream (which can take a little getting use to the matte finish) They retail for $9.95aud from Priceline.

Have you tried the Velourlips? Do you have a favourite colour?


Bottled Beauty said...

Great post. I haven't tried these. I love the colours, especially the bright pink and red.

DanniiBeauty said...

@Bottled Beauty - Yes the pink and red are my favourites too. They are nice and different product :)

Nhi Archibald said...

I have NY-CEE and PAR-EE and I love them both! I really want to get TOK-I-O!

DanniiBeauty said...

@Nhi Archibald - Yes Tok-i-o is a perfect purple, definitely give it a go :)

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