Monday, January 6, 2014

Have your makeup or skincare products expired?

One thing that I get asked a lot is 'does makeup expire?' and the simple answer to that is 'Yes'. Every makeup product has a expiration to it and if your don't throw them out when they are expired, it can cause skin and eye irritations.

So here I will give you a guide on when to throw out your makeup. Remember that every brand of makeup is different and every product is different. Always read the product label first to get as much information as possible.

The first thing that I always do when starting to use a product (makeup or skincare) is write the date I started using the product on the product itself.

This is so that I can then easily work out how long you I used the product for and this will make it easier to know when to throw it out.

Most products have a symbol that looks like a container with a open lid (see example below) and the number of months that the product is good to use. 

Generally if the product has a unusual smell or doesn't look right then its better to throw it out.

Here is a estimate of how long a product can be used for (remember each product and brand is different) :

Foundation - most foundations have the symbol telling you how long it is good to be used, usually its one to two years. Keep your foundation in a dry cool place and closed tight. If its kept in light or direct sunlight, has a funny smell or the texture isn't right then its expired.

Lipsticks - usually up to two years. Keeping them in the fridge, keeps them from melting. They should be kept in a dry cool place and always closed properly after the use. If your lipstick has a funny smell or is sweating, it can be expired.

Eye Shadows and Eyeliners - can last anywhere between one to three years. A lot of eyeshadows now have the symbol on them telling you how long they are good to use. I have used eyeshadows a few months longer if I haven't used a particular one that much.

Make up brushes should be cleaned regularly. If you see that they are out of shape, then it may be time to buy new ones.

Powders - usually up to two years. Remember to close the lid well on these products in order to preserve the product well. ( if the product looks dirty or is sweating it may not be right to keep)

Nail Polish - usually about two years. The bottle should be kept closed tightly so that air doesn't get inside.

Mascara -  has a very short life span usually only six months. If there is a funny smell or it doesn't look right, it should be thrown away.

Have you done a clean up of your makeup lately?



Fashion Mumblr said...

Wow really interesting post! You've inspired me to have a major clearout when I get home!
Josie xoxo
Fashion Mumblr

DanniiBeauty said...

@Fashion Mumblr - Hope it goes well for you. I find it fun to clean out my collection and make room for more! :) xx