Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Summer products you must have from Banana Boat!

Summer is my least favourite season, because I just don't like the heat. It gets too hot and uncomfortable and I either want to relax all day in a cool room or be in a swimming pool to stay cool.

But I do like summer nights when it has cooled down, but is still a nice warm night.

I also have sensitive skin and cannot stay out in the sun without burning. (I wear sunscreen on my face everyday all year long)  So I am always on the lookout for products that have SPF in them and that will help cool my skin.

This is where Banana Boat has been fantastic and I love that their after sun products all have aloe vera in them which is great for the skin due to its healing activity.

The one product I have loved for years is the Banana Boat Aloe Mist Spray which is a great cooling and soothing spray to help your skin if you have been burnt so that it hydrates your skin to avoid peeling.

Recently I tried the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel which is a great product that replenishes the skins moisture and helps to prevent dryness. This is fantastic to use after a long hot day just to give your skin that added boost (even if you are not sunburnt)

For sunscreen I enjoy the Banana Boat Faces SPF 50+ sunscreen as it is mild and gentle, easy to apply and non greasy. ( can be used under makeup too ) It is four hours water resistant and the bottle is convenient 100gram tube to carry around.

I also love the addition of the Banana Boat SPF 30+ Aloe Lip Balm - which is great lip protector from sun and wind and can be used all year round. Feels soft and smooth on the lips and is two hours water resistant too!

Overall I really like the Banana Boat products and recommend them to anyone looking for great sun protection and care. They are available in supermarkets.

Check out more on the Banana Boat range on their website which is great.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you like to use to protect your skin from the sun?


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