Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dirty Works Coconut Scrub Review

It is always nice when you use a body scrub, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and renewed. So when you find a great affordable body scrub it is even more exciting. The one that I am loving lately is the Dirty Works Cocunut scrub which is available at Coles supermarkets.

I have never heard of Dirty Works -  a brand from the UK which is now available here in Australia.

The packaging is fun and adorable - love the purple colours! This coconut scrub is made with walnut shell and coconut oil to condition and moisturize. This feels really nice on the body, creamy smooth consistency and not harsh at all. It exfoliates the body gently and feels moisturized on the skin. It smells amazing, coconut scent!

This is an amazing, affordable product. I love using this and so does the rest of the family. It is available at Coles for just under $10aud. I would definitely recommend this to everyone to try, you will love it too.

They have a whole range of body and skincare products that I am interested in trying too! There are so many products, you can check them out here

Have you tried this product or any others from Dirty Works?

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