Saturday, July 5, 2014

Phillips VisaPure Review

We all know that looking after our skin is very important so if there is any way we can do this better then I would love to try it. This is where the Phillips VisaPure comes in to it, a gentle, easy to use facial cleansing device that massages the skin to remove makeup and dirt and is ten times more effective than cleaning the face by hand.

I was sent the Phillips VisaPure to the test over the last few weeks and I must say the results feel great on the skin.

First of all the device is a pretty pink colour, so chic and classy!

It is a wireless and waterproof device that comes with two interchangeable brush heads. One for normal skin already attached to the device and then a pink one that is for sensitive skin. These brush heads are so soft and that is what I love about them. The really do feel so soft on the skin.

You have to charge it for six hours and it can then be used for thirty minutes. It only takes a minute to use it, so one charge will last for a few weeks.

It has two speed levels - you press the silver button once for he first speed level and then when you press it a second time it vibrates and rotates even faster. The device has a internal timer, once you press the start button it'll do its work for twenty seconds, after this it will stop for a second and then start again giving you time to move around the face.

Phillips says: The brush rotates and vibrates. The vertical pulsating movement gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed. The coordinated movements of the bristles give you a thorough and comfortable cleansing experience.

Overall I am quite surprised how well this feels on the skin. It is not abrasive or harsh, but rather soft and gentle on the skin. It does remove dirt and makeup well from the face. I do wish the brush heads were a little bigger but the current sizes of them does help to work around the face well.

If you have tried other cleaning devices and found them too harsh on the skin, you will definitely want to try the Phillips VisaPure - soft and gentle on the skin!

The Phillips VisaPure is available exclusively to the Shaver shop here in Australia and retails for $199aud

Have you tried a cleansing device before?


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