Friday, September 26, 2014

Love Lois - monthly subscription box for your period!

I love monthly subscription boxes!
They are so fun to receive and exciting to see what you get. A new and different subscription box that I was introduced to lately is Love Lois - a monthly subscription box for your period!
Yes it's true, a box every woman needs filled with tampons, pads and chocolate delivered every month. What a great concept!
 I received the 'Melina Regular' box.
The box is a simple white box, the cover slides up and off and is reusable which is great.
Yes chocolate!

My box contained five large pads, three medium pads, a pack of five liners, two packets of 16 tampons - regular and mini size, two samples of pukka tea, a Cadbury chocolate bar and two Lindt ball chocolates.
I love the colours, the variety and the cute treats ( the tea is delicious!)

The Melina box is $23 per month, there is no locked contracts and there are few plans to choose from. You can check out the website here
Vivienne Poznanski, founder of pad and tampon delivery service LoveLois, says “The average woman will have around 350 periods in her lifetime, with most experiencing some form of discomfort each month"
Research has shown that PMS could be the cause of forgetfulness among women. Love Lois allows you to enter personalized details about your monthly cycle into a web platform and a discreet box of pads, tampons and treats are delivered to your door 3-5 days before your period arrives.
Love Lois has a variety of plans to suit heavy, medium and light periods as well as a range of organic and regular products, plus free delivery!

This is great for every woman of every age!
Have you heard of Love Lois?

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