Friday, November 7, 2014

Australis - AC ON TOUR Kit - Contouring and Highlighting Review

I love face products especially foundation and to complement a good foundation, you have to try contouring and highlighting. Australis have come out with the AC ON TOUR Contouring and Highlighting Kit which is amazing.

The kit is a six shade powder palette, with three shades for highlighting and three shades for contouring, so everyone no matter what skin tone will find a shade that will suit them.

The three highlighting shades - the first one a pink beige shade, second one has a yellow undertone and the third one is a shimmery highlight with golden undertones. I like them all and can use them all well on my fair skin.

The three contouring shades  - first one is a matte warm brown shade, the second one is a light brown shade and the third is a matte red/brown shade. I mostly am able to use the middle one for my fair skin and the first one if I use a light hand I can get away with it on my fair skin. I have used these brown colours as eyeshadows or to use as a inner corner eye colour (so I still find a use for them!)

The pigmentation is so good and they apply smoothly on the face. A little goes a long way with these amazing powders.

The kit comes with a step-by-step guide on how to apply these as contours and highlights, to add shape and definition to the face, definitely a great guide to use.

I really like that this kit has both highlighting and contouring shades (great for travel). You will definitely get great use out of this kit with the beautiful highly pigmented powders.

Have you tried the AC ON TOUR Contouring and Highlighting Kit?

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