Saturday, January 3, 2015

Scandal - TV Series

I have been obsessed with the TV show: SCANDAL - I love the storyline and the characters.

Scandal was created by Shonda Rhimes who also created Grey's Anatomy another great show that I love. I must say Shonda Rhimes is an amazing and fantastic creator.

Scandal's main character is Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) who is a former media consultant to the president and who opens up her own crisis management firm. She protects or 'fixes' the public images of the nation's elite and makes their problems go away before anyone knows they exist.

Olivia is the best in her field and successful because of her 'trust your gut' attitude. The show goes through the daily lives of Olivia and her associates which is made up of Harrison Wright the litigator, Abby Whelan the investigator, Huck the hacker with a CIA past and Quinn Perkins a new lawyer who is finding her position in the team.

The show is interesting and has great stories that really do make you fall in love with the characters. There are many secrets, scandals and emotional links to each case that makes you want to watch the show more and more.

I love Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) she has such great poise and strength that she conveys really well and the fashion sense is absolutely gorgeous - love her suits and jackets!

If you like a show that has drama, secrets, mystery and excitement - you will want to watch Scandal!

What is your favourite TV show at the moment?

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