Sunday, February 22, 2015

Skincare: Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control daily scrub review

I am currently on a skincare hunt for great products and I have found a great exfoliator for my combination skin. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control daily scrub is gentle enough to use everyday. I bought this when Priceline had their 40% off skincare sale and am so glad I did.

Neutrogena says: NEUTROGENA® DEEP CLEAN® Shine Control Daily Scrub combats the problem of sheen in two ways. It removes skin impurities and excess surface oil. Then, after rinsing, rice proteins are deposited on the skin to combat excess sheen for up to 8 hours. In addition Salicylic Acid targets blemishes at the source, cleaning deep in to pores to remove impurities. The result is long-lasting, clearer, shine-free skin throughout the day.
  • Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • Oil-free
  • Won't Overdry Skin
  • Dermatologist Tested
I have combination skin more so oily than dry (depending on the season).
The product comes out as a light blue cream consistency with exfoliating beads throughout the product. The scrub feels great, its not too rough on my skin which I love. I can feel the exfoliating beads doing their job of exfoliating my skin and making it feel smooth and soft.
I usually massage the product for a good 1-2 minutes on to my skin. This can be used every day however I like to use it every second day.
I really like this affordable exfoliator that really does exfoliate the skin well and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. The claims that this will leave your skin shine free due to its rice proteins, I think it does do a great job of doing this. I do find that my skin doesn't become shiny as quickly as it normally would.
Overall a great exfoliator! Available at Priceline for $14.99aud and it comes in a 125ml squeeze bottle.
Do you use a exfoliator? What are you using at the moment?

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