Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Makeup brushes and sponge cleaner from Daiso

Trying to clean your makeup brushes and you just can't get them clean enough? I had the same problem a few months ago and went looking for a affordable way to clean my brushes. I usually use baby shampoo and conditioner to clean them but they were still not clean enough.

Introducing to you the most affordable makeup brush and sponge cleaner from Daiso and its only $2.80aud. 
This stuff works amazingly. It cleans all my makeup brushes and sponges well even the ones with stubborn makeup stains. It comes out as a clear liquid much like dishwashing liquid and is fragrance free. Just swirl your brush in the liquid and rinse under water and you will see all the makeup rinse right out of your brush.

 Its definitely worth a try and so affordable. Sold at any Daiso store for $2.80aud.

 Who has tried this? Do you like anything else from Daiso stores?

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Ami Ford said...

I've recently found that baby shampoo just isn't working on my brushes anymore, so I've been looking for an alternative! This product looks great, I'll have to see if I can pick up something like it over here in the UK x

Ami | perksofbeingami