Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Most used beauty products of the month - December 2015

Another month has past us! It is time for the most used or favourites beauty/hair products of the month post. These I have been loving and would consider products I will be repurchasing over and over.

Fudge treatment spray - This is a great  treatment spray, easy to use just spray it on your hair and it will help condition, smooth and protect the hair. I do like the way it leaves my hair feeling soft and silky.

Australis fresh and flawless powder - I love this powder. It was recently released in lighter shades
which is great for my fair skin. This powder applies beautifully on the skin and gives me a flawless finish to my makeup. It wears all day and is great for my oily t-zone. 

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation - I have been using this lots lately. The fact that it comes in a shade light enough for my fair skin is fantastic. This is a great everyday, light-medium coverage foundation that looks beautiful on the skin. It has sunscreen in it spf20 which is great as well.

Beauty Blender - I love this for applying my foundation particularly heavy, full coverage foundation. I just tap on the foundation with the beauty blender and it give a even, flawless finish on the skin.

Garnier Nutri Repair Instant Detangler - I have been using this for years and really love it for de-tangling my hair and as a treatment. It gives my hair a smooth de-tangled finish and can be used on dry hair. 

That's it for this month, these are definitely all my favourites and products I will love for a long time. The are all affordable and available pretty much anywhere, supermarkets and department stores.

 What product is your favourite?


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twoplicates said...

Quite a few people have been liking the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation recently!
I'm personally a bit on and off with using the beautyblender, but currently I'm loving it right now too :D

t w o p l i c a t e s