Sunday, March 27, 2016

Five tips on how to be organised in your life

I love being organised. It started from when I was very young and has continued in my adult life too.

I just love being able to know what I need to do for the day and and know that I won't forget to do it because I am organised. Here are five of my top tips to be organised. 

1. Use a calendar - I love my calendar and now that we are so digital I use my iphone calendar all the time. I love that I can set up alerts and repeat appointments. I will usually put in there reminders of things I have to do, appointments and anything I might need to remember for the day.

2. Filing/labelling - I love to file my paperwork in display books and have each of them labelled. For example my bills display book has a insert for each bill gas, electricity, phone, rates and much more. They are easy to find and keep sorted.

3. Clean as you go and declutter - I try to clean and put things away daily. I also like to do small bits of cleaning every day. I don't like to pile things up and I like to declutter as I go. If I haven't used something in a long time or have only used it once or twice I will get rid of it.

4. Online banking - Online banking is a great way to track your finances and set up direct debits or schedule bpay payments. It really is a time saver for paying bills.

5. Put your clock five minutes forward - I have all my clocks in my house and car five minutes faster. This helps me to arrive to my destination on time. I don't even realise that the clocks are five minutes faster but it really does help me not have to rush and know that I will get where I need to on time.

These are just a few tips, hope this has helped you be organised too.

 What are your tips for being organised?


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