Thursday, August 7, 2014

Offspring TV Series - is there a real Nina Proudman?

I am so sad that Season Five of Offspring on Channel Ten has finished I love the show!

If you didn't know - Offspring is a drama show that is set in Melbourne's Fitzroy area  - Nina Proudman (played by Asher Keddie) is the main character and we watch as her life unravels, with her messy family issues, her professional job as a obstetrician and her love life.

I love the storyline of the show, I love that it is made in Australia, Melbourne about 30 minutes away from where I live and I love the characters who are all unique in their own way.

I relate to Nina's character (played by Asher Keddie) so much that I think I might be the real Nina Proudman! I too am a overly-analysing person, who fantasises of how things might be like, organized and love to chat - too much sometimes.

I love Nina's fashion style and I am so impressed by the fashion stylist for his great choices of clothing and accessories. It has brought simple, bohemian, chic fashion to life through Nina Proudman. Of course, all the clothes fit perfectly on Asher Keddie!

I loved the acting between Patrick Reid (played by Matthew Le Nevez) and Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie). It's team Patrick all the way, and team Lawrence and team Leo!

So stay tuned to see if the rumours are true and there may be a Season 6. The screen writing is brilliant, would love to see what more can come out of it. The best Australian drama show by far........I may just have to go for a stroll in the Fitzroy area and check out some of the places that the show was filmed at....stay tuned!

Are you a Offspring fan? What is your favourite TV Show?

Photo Credit - all picture are from the Nina Proudman facebook page

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Phillips VisaPure Review

We all know that looking after our skin is very important so if there is any way we can do this better then I would love to try it. This is where the Phillips VisaPure comes in to it, a gentle, easy to use facial cleansing device that massages the skin to remove makeup and dirt and is ten times more effective than cleaning the face by hand.

I was sent the Phillips VisaPure to the test over the last few weeks and I must say the results feel great on the skin.

First of all the device is a pretty pink colour, so chic and classy!

It is a wireless and waterproof device that comes with two interchangeable brush heads. One for normal skin already attached to the device and then a pink one that is for sensitive skin. These brush heads are so soft and that is what I love about them. The really do feel so soft on the skin.

You have to charge it for six hours and it can then be used for thirty minutes. It only takes a minute to use it, so one charge will last for a few weeks.

It has two speed levels - you press the silver button once for he first speed level and then when you press it a second time it vibrates and rotates even faster. The device has a internal timer, once you press the start button it'll do its work for twenty seconds, after this it will stop for a second and then start again giving you time to move around the face.

Phillips says: The brush rotates and vibrates. The vertical pulsating movement gently breaks up surface impurities including dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. The rotating movement sweeps the impurities away, leaving the skin more deeply cleansed. The coordinated movements of the bristles give you a thorough and comfortable cleansing experience.

Overall I am quite surprised how well this feels on the skin. It is not abrasive or harsh, but rather soft and gentle on the skin. It does remove dirt and makeup well from the face. I do wish the brush heads were a little bigger but the current sizes of them does help to work around the face well.

If you have tried other cleaning devices and found them too harsh on the skin, you will definitely want to try the Phillips VisaPure - soft and gentle on the skin!

The Phillips VisaPure is available exclusively to the Shaver shop here in Australia and retails for $199aud

Have you tried a cleansing device before?


Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask Review

A few months ago I felt like my skin needed more hydration overall. I needed something to put moisture back in my skin. I normally have combination skin and no matter what I tried I didn't find the perfect product until I tried The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask.

The Body Shops says: Chilly winds and indoor heating zap moisture from your complexion. Hydrate and replenish lost moisture with a weekly treatment. The Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask is a light, creamy gel-type mask that instantly relieves the uncomfortable feeling of dry, tight skin and restores the skin’s optimum moisture level. It smooths out the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.
I just happened to find this whilst browsing in my local body shop store. I liked that the main ingredient is Vitamin E -  as this is great to nourish and protect the skin leaving it soft and smooth exactly what I needed.
It comes in a 100ml tub and the mask is easy to use. It applies as a light moisturizer that sinks in to the skin well. Within minutes you feel your skin feeling hydrated and soft. It feels luxurious on the skin and moisturized.
The instructions say to apply it on for ten minutes and then wipe off, but I usually leave it on all night and I wake up feeling soft and smooth. I am using it at least twice a week and love it.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask is the first face product I have tried from The Body Shop and I am definitely happy with it. 
I would recommend this to anyone that needs to add moisture to their face and want to feel hydrated. This retails for $28.95aud and is available from The Body Shop in store and online.
Have you tried this product? What do you like as a hydrating skin product?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lust Have It Fashion and Beauty (FAB) Box - June 2014

The Lust Have It FAB - fashion and beauty box for June has arrived. I love this box because it has a mixture of both beauty and fashion items - both things that I love!

And once again this month proved to be yet another fantastic box. I love everything in it and definitely great value.

The box came with this gorgeous tissue paper  - brown, pink and white a beautiful combination.

The box came with six items in total - four beauty items and two fashion accessories.

I am soooooo in love with the packaging of the beauty products by Teeez Trend Cosmetics - I have never heard or seen their products before.

The first item is a Paradise Perfect Lipgloss - it is a clear gloss with a subtle golden glow. Its says that it has a volumizing effect to the lips - this is a full size and valued at $25

The second item is a Foundation brush - made with natural goat hair valued at $35

The third item is the Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner - the one I got is a black one and it has pearl particles that create a metallic effect, it glides on and does not budge once it sets - this is full size and valued at $28

Here is a close up of the packaging!

The fashion accessories are really pretty and something that I would wear. They are a matching earrings and bracelet set.

The earrings are a crystal square drop earrings valued at $19.95 and the bracelet has the same crystal look with a theme of x and o along the bracelet, valued at $29.95.
Here is a close up of the bracelet!

And the last item is the Lethal Lips - three pack of temporary lip tattoos, valued at $8

Overall a great box yet again by Lust Have It. The FAB box retails for $35 with over $100 value every month. This box had over $145 value - definitely worth it.
To find out more about Lust Have It - check out their website HERE

Check out other reviews I have done on Lust Have it boxes here

What do you think, do you like monthly boxes? What is your favourite?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Killer Queen Katy Perry Oh So Sheer Perfume Review

I love perfumes and wear a different one everyday. The latest I have tried is the newest one by Katy Perry called Oh So Sheer.

Spring Time's Eau de Royalty! A Light and Luminous Fragrance for the Spring season offering all the Killer Queen royalty with a little bit of playful attitude.

I love when perfume bottles are so well presented and this one definitely is unique and different.

The bottle is the prettiest lilac colour which I love and the shape is a diamond shaped bottle with a crown shape for the top.

The fragrance is made up of:
Top Notes - Purple Plum, Mulberry, Blackberry and Elderberries
Middle Notes  - Red Velvet Flower, Rainbow Plumeria, Purple Freesia and Purple Lilac
Bottom Notes  - Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart and Liquid Praline

This is a light fruity scent with a mix of some floral sweet scent too - when first sprayed is strong and then fades throughout the day. This wears for about 3 hours, I do wish it lasted longer.

It is a nice light perfume with a fresh clean smell. I haven't tried any other Katy Perry fragrance but definitely would say this is a great one to add to your collection.

Have you tried this or any other Katy Perry fragrance?


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Eyeshadow Pallette Review

Chi Chi is a brand that I have never tried before but I have seen it in Target, so a few months ago they had a huge Christmas sale on Chi Chi products so I decided to buy the Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Eyeshadow Pallette.

photo taken indoors with a flash

The Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes palette comes with twelve eye shadows  - there are ten shimmery shadows and two matte shadows. The colours are mostly soft pinks, browns, taupe, mauve, blue shadows which are all so wearable for everyday looks. I wear eyeshadow everyday to work and this palette is all I need to wear simple gorgeous eyeshadows.

photo taken outdoors no flash

I really love the staying power of these eyeshadows (I always wear a eye primer) They don't crease on me and they look good all day.

The texture of these eyeshadows are soft and pigmented without much fallout at all which I love the most. They are so easy to work with, I usually like to wear one colour all over my lid and then just blend out the sides with a slightly darker colour.

They really are good quality eyeshadows at an affordable price. They tick all the boxes - great pigmentation, no fallout, long wearing, soft/buttery texture and wearable colours.

This is available from Target stores and Chi Chi website for $22.95aud. I am so impressed with this product, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for great quality eyeshadows.

Have you tried Chi Chi products?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Clinique cheek pop in plum pop review

Clinique recently released some new blushes and it took just one look for me to fall in love with this blush. This blush packaging and presentation is totally gorgeous.

A pretty flower shaped blush - stunning! How could you not like this blush?!

So you already know that I love the sturdy simple packaging. The flower detail is definitely eye catching and I love that you can see it through the clear top and the colours are so pretty - there are four shades in total. I have the plum pop shade which is a beautiful pink colour that I think is wearable for all skin colours.

photo taken with no flash
Clinique says: Vibrant yet natural-looking cheek colour that looks virtually powderless. In a silky smooth, stay-true formula with shades for every skin tone. That just-pinched look, simply effortless.

So pretty!
The texture of this blush is silky smooth and really finely milled. When you first apply to your cheeks it is a light coverage but buildable and as you apply more you see the gorgeous colour come to life. It blends effortlessly and lasts all day on the skin.

It really gives a natural finish to the skin with a beautiful pop of colour.  A beautiful addition to anyone's makeup collection - you can check out more about the blushes on the Clinique website here

Have you tried this blush?